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Lujo Rustico

(Rustic Luxury)

Spanish missions dot the west coast from Mexico to northern California. Generally, they were located within one day's walking distance between them. Each have unique designs inherent of the region where they are located. Southern missions featured details that you would expect in Mexico: thick abode walls with a mottled stucco finish;  low-pitched tile roofs; arched openings and rustic, simple interiors.


Northern missions showed influence from European wine makers featuring: stone finishes; heavy wood beams and more-detailed interiors with heavy wood beams and moldings. We imagined that Lujo Rustico would be central to the California missions and feature architectural details with a mix of both, hence we've labeled the design as California Mission style.

The Courtyard was common to nearly all of the missions. The buildings of the mission surrounded the courtyard to provide security from invaders, and it was a central hub for activities and gathering inside the mission walls. In modern home design, the courtyard provides privacy for dining or entertaining outside but still feels like it's part of the home. Lujo Rustico features two outdoor areas for entertaining and gathering, making it ideal for small get-togethers or large parties.

Note: This design was created prior to the use of our 3D software, but can be updated with the same fly-around abilities of our other designs.

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