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We are a residential design company that specializes in new homes but also enjoy challenging remodeling projects that allow us to flex our creative muscles. We bring over 30 years of construction experience to the design process, so we're confident that your home will be practical and functional, and your builder will have all the information needed for a successful project. We offer design and drawing services to builders or directly to the homeowner.


We respect our builder clients with a non-compete policy and can provide nice packages for either custom or spec homes. Our goal is to help our builders look good in front of their customers and sell more homes.

For our homeowner clients, we offer complete design, drawing and specification packages that ensure accurate bidding and trouble-free construction. We want your builder and your project to be successful.


Keith Groninger



Owner's Rep

Kg3d Home Design LLC

Winter Park, Florida


I'm not an architect and that may be a good thing. Let me show you why our services may be a good fit for your residential project.

I've been designing and building homes for over 30 years. I have a passion for good home design plus practical experience that ensures the success of your project.

I love the creative process. Whether it's my own home or the car that I drive, the ability to turn ideas into reality is fulfilling and fun. I'd love to show you what I mean...

3D home designs for homeowners and builders. 

We also provide complete construction drawings and additional services that include specifications and detailed interior imaging.



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