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Owner's Rep

Why in the world would you want to recommend an owner's rep to one of your customers?

The worst-case scenario is the brother-in-law that serves as the owner’s rep. As you know, most upper-end home buyers are absentee owners. Their time is valuable and limited so they aren’t able to perform the typical owner responsibilities. We know it’s a lot of work and key to the builder’s performance on the project. A professional owner’s rep makes everyone’s job easier.

Jupiter Inlet Colony, Florida
Ocean-Front Home Design

The owner’s role in a high-end custom home project can be challenging and time consuming. Our job is to reduce this burden while also saving money, preventing mistakes and providing support to all the members of the design and construction team. We provide coordination and management to ensure productive and enthusiastic participation of everyone involved. A team that enjoys the process almost always responds with their best work and effort.

Owner liaison and advocate.

Assemble the project team.

Provide technical support and knowledge.

Value engineering and cost savings.

Oversee the budget and schedule.

Organize and distribute information.

Facilitate communication.

Manage conflicts and solve problems.

Of course we want to look out for the owner’s best interest but we also want to see the builder be successful. We see our role as removing most of the burden of being an owner from the owner’s shoulders. Much of this is accomplished by making sure the builder receives all the information and answers they need, in a timely manner.

Why not create an environment where everyone on the project is appreciated and performs at their best. The owner's brother-in-law probably isn't going to do this. Let us know if we can help provide professional owner's representation.

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