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CAD Flipped - Don't confuse CAD with 3D design

We now use 3D modeling software for our design. Computer Aided Design or CAD has been common to the construction industry for over 20 years now, but the process of designing a home hasn't changed much since plans were hand-drawn. There are still many "old school" designers drawing by hand and doing a good job with it. We started using CAD software in the '90's but have recently changed to 3D design software that has completely flipped the process.

With conventional CAD software, the drawings are created on a flat 2D plane as floor plans and elevations. Some CAD software allows the designer to create a 3D model after the design is complete. The software produces the 3D model after tremendous amounts of information are input, basically telling the software what to do. The irony is that the designer needs to know what he wants the final design to look like in order to instruct the CAD software to create the 3D model the way they want.

The other problem with "old school" CAD software, is that it doesn't allow the design to sell itself. No designer in his right mind would develop a 3D model until the owner or builder has paid most of the design fee, essentially forcing the owner to commit to the design or the designer before they know what it's going to look like.

Designing in 3D

With our 3D modeling software, we have flipped the process. Now we design in three dimensions and have fly-around images and videos we can show to the owner, early in the design process. Now you can see and feel the design as it happens. It's really cool.

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Ideas can be shared and concepts studied, long before the commitment, time and expense of developing drawings. Here's a preliminary design presentation: Mid 2 Mod

Once designs are approved, it's a simple process to use images from the 3D model to provide the base drawings for the conventional 2D floor plans and elevations.

I'd love a chance to tell you more about how it works.

Give us a try. It will be fun...

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