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The Value of Good Design

Design may be the most important money spent on a home. Think of it as a good investment. The design of a home influences its appearance, functionality, cost to build and maintain. Good designs improve the lives of their occupants; adapt to the changing needs of a household; save energy; reduce upkeep; and maintain their value. Nobody wants an obsolete or outdated home.

There are several articles about the characteristics of good design available on our website. Here is a taste.

Adaptable Design refers to the ability of a home to suit multiple and changing needs of its occupants. As a family grows or ages, their needs for space and functionality evolve. There are several considerations related to the specific needs of a family but also to the changing demographics of what defines a family and the occupants of a home.

Almost everyone enjoys looking at homes - the attractive ones, that is. Good-looking homes have strong emotional and market appeal. Attractive homes sell and there's a sense of pride in ownership. There are design trends and then there's trendy. A good design recognizes trends but also understands the long-term appeal of established architectural styles.

Construction Costs can be directly related to the design of the home. The efficient use of conventional residential materials and techniques simplifies construction. If the home designer has good familiarity with residential construction, they can incorporate details that utilize common products in a fashion that looks good, performs well and is still affordable. A good set of construction drawings can also reduce costs by eliminating changes and providing accurate information for the trade contractors.

Vernacular Design is found throughout established communities across the United States. Most regionally specific designs were developed as a result of climate conditions, but some were brought along by the immigrants that settled there. Many vernacular designs credit their appearance to the ease and efficiency with which they could be built. Responsible design must balance all three elements - floor plan, elevation and structure.

Energy Efficiency starts with good design. Of course the efficiency of any home can be improved, but designing for efficiency is always going to yield the best results. Property selection and solar orientation can capitalize on the seasonal arc of the sun. The incorporation of energy efficient products and the use of solar panels should also be part of the home design. Zoned air-conditioning, lighting control, window positioning and even landscaping, all contribute to the efficiency and comfort of your home.

One of the most important functions for a home to perform is to meet the lifestyle needs of a household. A talented designer should be able to lead a discussion and help you stimulate thoughts about the function and characteristics you desire in your home. Cooking, dining, entertaining, guests, children, pets and activities should all be part of the discussion.

Good design is so much more than just a pretty facade. It’s a culmination of characteristics that create lasting value, function and appeal. Let us show you why Kg3d Home Design is a good choice for your new home.

Take care, Keith.

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1 Comment

Dave Zembala
Dave Zembala
Feb 26, 2021

Great article, and example. Well done.

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