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Modern Farmhouse

This fresh interpretation of a farmhouse was designed for a growing family. Built on a challenging lot in an established neighborhood, this modern home fits in without calling too much attention to itself. Once discovered, this casual home delights its visitors with welcoming features, creative design and an atmosphere of "Home Sweet Home".

Note: This design was created prior to the use of our 3D software, but can be updated with the same fly-around abilities of our other designs.

We did use CAD software but this is not the same a 3D. With conventional CAD software, the drawings are developed in on a flat 2D format and then after everything is complete, a 3D model is created, however with our current 3D modeling software, the process is reversed. Designing in 3D first allows us to create the perspective images and perform fly-around videos before committing to detailed construction drawings.

Quality construction drawings are crucial to the success of a project.


Good drawings save time, prevent mistakes and reduce costs associated with changes or incomplete information.

Good drawings reduce the amount of supervision required by the builder. When the trade contractors have the information they need, there are fewer questions and delays.

With over 30 years of construction experience, we have a good understanding of how an organized set of drawings adds value and streamlines the construction process.

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