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This Southern Vernacular home was influenced by historic Florida Cracker designs. Being built just a couple blocks from the center of downtown Winter Garden, special attention has been paid to protect majestic oak trees on the property and respect the old architecture of this quaint town.

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Southern Vernacular

3D floor plans may offer a better understanding of the spaces. With the addition of colors, materials and even appliances and fixtures, the space can really be demonstrated fully.

The real beauty of presenting in 3D, is that the design is so much easier to convey early in the process; unlike flat 2D drawings that are often difficult to interpret. This is a tremendous benefit to the buyer and allows them to fully understand how the home will look and feel when it's complete.

Our 3D software allows us to present preliminary design concepts before committing to construction drawings. This saves time and money, while allowing the customer to see views not available on 2D drawings. 

We use perspective images, flat floor plans and elevations, and videos as you see here, plus we can also provide a live virtual fly-around inside and outside of the home.

Quality construction drawings are crucial to the success of a project.


Good drawings save time, prevent mistakes and reduce costs associated with changes or incomplete information.

Good drawings reduce the amount of supervision required by the builder. When the trade contractors have the information they need, there are fewer questions and delays.

With over 30 years of construction experience, we have a good understanding of how an organized set of drawings adds value and streamlines the construction process.

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