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Anatomy of a New Home Design

My wife wasn’t very happy with me. We had rented a house at the beach when the inspiration for this design hit me. I had to start sketching because I didn’t bring my laptop on vacation as I had promised. It was in my head and I couldn’t stop myself. I was tasked with designing a new home for repeat customers. The property they purchased had a long approach to where the house would sit so the first impression would be a strong one. ( watch a video at the end of the article )

When starting the design process, I like to first look at the placement of the house on the property. There are several considerations when evaluating the site. Is there a dominant view towards the house when first approaching? Are there nice views from the house that we want to capture? Are there privacy issues or perhaps views that we want to block? How will the arc of the sun relate to the position of specific rooms or a swimming pool? There are many questions that need to be asked as we start to evaluate. Sometimes a unique property provides the inspiration for creative solutions.

This property is what we refer to as a flag lot. It sits back in the corner and essentially has neighbors on all four sides. The house would be difficult to see from the street and there would be a long driveway that runs between the neighbors so we really wanted a strong statement upon arrival. Additionally, the owners requested a four-car garage and additional parking for visitors would be nice because of the long walk from the street.

Because of the proximity to the neighbors and lack of external views, I turned the views inward with courtyards front and back. Additionally, the southern orientation in the rear is great for the swimming pool and solar panels. I call the architectural style “European Manor” but the design concept would be suitable for Mediterranean or even a Farmhouse design.

A grand entry turret welcomes visitors though the front courtyard to the foyer with a dramatic staircase. A hint of the secluded upper library is visible as the stairs wind around the foyer. A private study is just off the foyer and secluded from the busier areas of the home.

In the other direction, a grand room has enough space for a large family gathering. For a family that loves to cook and entertain, the kitchen is the heart of the design. The formal dining space adjacent to the kitchen can be used every day or for special occasions, and a quaint café off the corner of the kitchen is just right for a few to gather.

Off either of the dining spaces, the “sports bar” can be opened to the inside of the home while closed off from the outside or it can be opened to the outside and closed off from the house. Using a combination of hiding glass doors and retractable screens, the space can be enjoyed any time of year.

5772 sqft AC space

5 Bedrooms


6.5 Baths

2) 2-Car Garages

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