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The Zoom Room

I've seen too many podcasts and zoom meetings where it looks like the presenter is working in their bedroom. If you don't have a special place to work from home. Please pay attention to what shows in the background when you are presenting yourself.

( I have an office in my garage / man cave )

I'm tired of talking about the pandemic but the reality is that some things have changed and may never go back to how they were. Many have now realized that working from home is a legitimate alternative to a conventional office. A spare bedroom may suffice but this emerging trend will certainly have an affect on home design.

( A retro-modern shelving unit is a nice backdrop for a Zoom meeting )

So let's talk about the Zoom Room. Pointed questions about the home office space should help the designer narrow down the needs of their client.

Is this space shared with anyone?

Will business associates or customers ever stop by to visit?

Would you describe this as a den, a library or a functioning office?

If I use the term “pocket office” or cubicle, do either of these sound appropriate?

Our design questionnaire features many of these types of questions about every space in your home. You can request the full version here: Kg3d Design Questionnaire.

( I welcome customers in our AirBNB suite )

In the meantime - duct tape the cat to the wall; tie your kid to a chair; hang a nice picture on the wall behind you, and enjoy your Zoom meeting...

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